Two Steps Forward…

… But only one step back. This post is really just to record an event. When I went to see my local Mental Health service in May (17th) I was told to expect to be sent information about returning to CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Group, and I was also given an appointment with a Psychiatrist in order to discuss my having another disorder*. The appointment was made for July 4th (a Holiday for any of my American readers – Independence Day), which is not bad. However, today I received a letter cancelling that appointment and putting it back to August 8th. This is still not bad. I was expecting a 6 month wait. Years ago I had to wait 8 months for a first appointment, and that was when I had terrible Tinnitus and was Suicidal. The most Suicidal I’ve been. Scared of going to bed because of the noises in my head. So, after funding cuts in the NHS etc. having to wait from May to August is not bad. But I would not be surprised if I get another letter putting the appointment back. I’ve had that happen with Orthopaedics, Dermatologists and Rheumatologists more than once –  I even had 2 letters in the same day changing the same appointment. So it’s time to wait and see.

I’ve not yet heard from the DWP,  Monday I shall be calling them. I really hope they got my ESA1 form as I don’t want to one in again. However, if they did, and this is how long it takes to process, the situation is bad. Very bad: I have financial support from my Dad, but most other people turn to the DWP for help when they have nothing – no support network – it should not take this long to process a form and provide financial help.

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