DWP….still waiting.

This is really just an update – a post to record facts. I posted my ESA1 Form, Fit Note and Tax information to the DWP, in their envelope, on May 24th. They received it on June 2nd -so it took 9 days for a Second Class envelope to get to them, and that’s when there isn’t a postal strike. I hadn’t heard anything from them on Monday June 13th. I was told that when they received it, they would text me as I had put my mobile number and details on my Fit Note. This, of course did not happen. When I called, I was told, yes, they had it, and that it took them 10 days (note, not Working Days – so you don’t need to add weekends) to process it. So on that very day, I should hear something – either I would have a letter, the mythical text or a phone call. But nothing. It’s now June 16th, 10 Working Days since they got my  Form, Fit Note and Tax information – and no contact.

I got incredibly Anxious and Depressed filling out that ESA1 Form and organising my Fit Note. I became Suicidal, stopped eating properly and scratched bloodied symbols into my left forearm. So I will literally have the marks of this experience on me for a long time, perhaps (given my EDS and scarring problem) forever. And I hear nothing from the DWP. They will have logged I called to ask, they will know I’m concerned. They will also know that I am without funds* and that getting help quickly is pretty necessary for me. But they don’t care. The longer they keep you hanging, the less money they have to pay you. But they don’t think that it may cost the Government more money in the long term – via the NHS. The DWP just want to keep their costs down, and if in the process they make people ill, and thereby cost the NHS money, so be it. It’s quite an inhumane policy.

In contrast, my Physio, who I last saw on June 2nd, wrote a referral letter to a Pain Management Team for me on June 6th, and I got my copy on June 14th – she did as she promised in 4 days.

* My Dad is still funding me, but I had to replace some worn out clothes (underwear) and I’ve now run out of money. I will not starve, but I won’t be able to use Public Transport etc. until the beginning of July. At least my pants should last at least 6 months, unless something fantastical happens to them – theft by Panty Monster.

Update: I phoned the DWP today (June 17th) and they told me that it was not 10 or 12 Working Days, but 14. 14 ‘Working Days’ is basically 3 weeks. 3 Weeks to process a form. I can tell you from living with a Representative that in the UK an Insurance Company has to process your claim in 10 days, and if nothing happens, you can get the Independent Ombudsman to sort it. I don’t think we have an Ombudsman for Government Departments. But I’m going to find out.

2 thoughts on “DWP….still waiting.

  1. The DWP are a shambles. Whenever I’m dealing with them I try not to get upset about things because a lot of the time they make mistakes. They told me I wasn’t eligible for contribution based ESA which made no sense to me as I’ve worked and paid tax for 10 years. I was too sore and exhausted to deal with it and got quite down. Then I got a letter in the post saying they’d made a mistake and backdated my payments. GRR!
    It’s stressful and it seems to take them ages to do anything but you’ll get there in the end. Have you spoken to citizens advice? I know that they can be very helpful when it comes to making a plan and being able to feel a bit more positivity. They have also been lovely when I’ve had to deal with them.

    Keep going. It’s just a hard bit right now 🙂
    R x

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  2. We don’t have a CAB near me. That is a big problem in West London. I know it’s a shambles – I just get annoyed. And part of what I’m doing on this blog is noting everything and how it affects me, so that I have a record. My memory is shocking for certain things – I have a diary, a calendar and this in order to keep track of what I’m doing, or meant to be doing etc. It’s just so tiring. That’s the key thing I find – doing all the admin tires me. It’s like the Circumlocution Office in Little Dorrit, or the Court of Chancery in Bleak House – Charles Dickens described the way bureaucracy grinds people down very effectively. x


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