Chest and Neck and Head and Sleep

I returned from a trip, a Holiday, on Thursday evening. A trip to the Midlands via comfy vast Volvo. I was there for 2 nights. And so far, I’ve spent the same amount of time sleeping it off. Holy Hell, have I slept. I’ve been awake less than 6 hours a day since. Today I woke at 3pm, was asleep again by 10pm and woke at 2.30 am on the Kitchen Floor. I’ve had constant neck and head pain since Thursday – a continuation of the pain I had when away (which I will write about in a different post). I can’t get rid of it. I’ve bombed it with Codeine, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, Diazepam. My Migraine tablets (Rizatriptan) took the edge off what was a Migraine on Friday and Saturday. While away I diligently undertook my Physio. I rested, kept myself watered (I sound like a cow or horse) and ate (far too much). I had hot showers and soaked my feet. But I could not prevent what has now happened. However, I thought that it would last less time. I failed to get out to get my Dad a Father’s Day Card – there were no shops where we visited – because I’ve not left the house. I’ve also had a huge flair up of both Palpitations and Costochondritis plus the delightful addition of Constipation (Painkillers + Iron Tablets = Poos of Doom). But mentally I am sanguine. I am not in a pit. I have that running ‘thrub’ of Anxiety, caused by my body wanting to be asleep, the heavy feeling you get when you face the stairs to your room with dread because they seem Everest.

So this is another documentary post, a catalogue of grumbles. I do apologise, but I have to document. My memory is very bad at the moment. Last night I was writing my Diary for the day and I had forgotten when I went to bed – that I had found myself on the Kitchen Floor at 7am, in bright light and then went up to bed. I forgot all of it. It was only remembering how I checked on my Dad (he was not snoring, so I went to make sure he was ok) that reminded me. In addition to my memory being shonky, my hair is falling out. I noticed a few months ago, and thought it was a stress blip, but now it’s constant. A dusting of strands on the pillow – a new thing for me. I used to pull it out – Trichotillomania. That only stopped when I was caring for Mum – after 20 years. So now, having finally stopped balding my noggin myself, it’s decided to denude itself. It may be stress. It may be a nutrition thing. I shall see. I have other symptoms of stress/ vitamin deficiency – terrible skin, including boils/cysts. A week of proper regular rest and vegetable eating, should at least give me some idea.

An antidote to the above. When I need something solid in my life, I turn to costume dramas. At the moment I am watching the BBC’s 1971’s ‘Elizabeth R’. The costumes, particularly Glenda Jackson’s, are perfect and the script is very, very good (I learned to say ‘God’s Death’ as a swear from this). It’s pre-HD and CGI so be prepared. The music is by an amazing man called David Munrow who helped revive interest in Early English Music and also created the soundtrack for Ken Russell’s ‘The Devils’. ‘Elizabeth R’ can be bought on DVD, and perhaps found on Youtube. But here is a mix video of Munrow, who had a very short life (which he ended himself), but was very talented:



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