Austerity Bites

The ‘Austerity’ measures taken by our Government are in breach of our Human Rights, according to the UN:

If you are disabled, or need support/ to be enabled, and you live in the UK, you already know this. You live it. You count your pennies and hope to have enough money to eat and buy all the extra bits and pieces you need to make life work. You hope that you’ll get the support you’ve applied for from your Council – the travel pass, or adjustments to your home. You hope that the charity you’ve applied to for help will have enough resources to aid you. You hope your benefits won’t be cut, you won’t be sanctioned, there won’t be a cock up that means that your payments are late and thereby everything falls apart because you have no safety net – no extra money, no extra anything. You feel fear so regularly that when you aren’t feeling it, you wonder what is wrong. When things go right for more than a week, you get worried, because you know, you know, it can’t last. And this is in addition to living with, experiencing whatever is actually wrong with you. This is in addition to taking 14 pills a day, in addition to the physio, in addition to pain, the tiredness, the inability.

I wish the people who make laws for us, who make decisions for us, would walk a mile in our specially made shoes, or ride a mile in our wheelchairs. Spend a day with our twisted feeble hands, permanent pains and inability to wipe or feed ourselves. I’d like to see that. I’d like to see  them try to navigate our world without PA’s and cars on call. It may not make them change their opinions, but it would make excellent TV.



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