Viola tricolor

I planted some today. I’ve not had Pansies in the garden before. I was on an Adrenaline high. It was extremely stupid because now my shoulders are tingling and aching alternatively. The burst of doing was brought about by two things: I went to the Funeral of my neighbour, and I got a letter from Jury Selection saying I have had my duty deferred. I am very pleased about the latter, and sanguine about the former. I am an old hand at funerals, and I was just glad the family were ok. Two couples used to live next door – Brother and Sister and their Spouses. The Sister died aged 87. She was always very kind to me and I was very fond of her. Her husband died some time ago, so now just the Brother and his Wife live there. The Wife’s brother died last week, so she’s having a bad time. I sent her some flowers and in a fluke they arrived on her Birthday. I’m glad about the Jury Duty because I would not want me making important decisions about my life and freedom. pansy-mfa.jpeg

Embroidery of a Pansy from the Layton Jacket, silk on linen, circa 1610, to be found in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London:


The Jacket in Action: Margaret Layton by Marcus Gheeraerts, oil on oak panel. 1620. Also in the V&A. The copyright of this image belongs to the V&A.

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