Burrr Blurrr

Cracking Migraine, Gromit. I took my Cocktail’* to salve head. Had shower. Body recovering from Holiday. Can’t see properly – well blurry. And can’t spell. That is one of the side effects of the Cocktail – but the effects turn up randomly. So now I feel ‘Burrrr’, and can’t see well.

But I could see well enough to read another Health Assessment Advisory Service (HAAS from now on, basically Maximus at the moment) letter making my WCA Sept. 20th. So I’ve contacted my Advocate to find out when she’s free. It’s planned for the Morning which I’ll have to change. My Dad asked why? Why not the morning? Well, if you were going to Court to defend yourself, you’d like to be awake and prepared. That’s how I see this. So I want to be well rested and prepared, and I’m not in the morning.

*Sarah Bowerman’s Migraine Cocktail – the Migraine version of Jeeve’s secret hangover salve.  –  2 Co-Dydramol, 400mg of Ibuprofen, 10mg of Propanolol, 2mg of Diazepam and 5mg of Rizatriptan. Take with water. Fight urge to vomit. Stay lying down. When you can blink with out hurting, but you still have terrible head pain, get in shower and wash hair. Then spray down self with cold water. Go back to bed. Sleep. Usually the makings of this Cocktail will be found in the bedside table draw. If you don’t sleep immediately, you may end up being asked things you can’t answer and writing stuff wrong on the Internet. Your vision may be impaired, your typing wonky and your spelling appalling. Orange Juice, with added sugar may help. Rizatriptan does work for Hangovers – similar shit happens in the head re: dilation of vessels in both situations.

I apologise for spelling in this – I genuinely can hardly see proper.


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