Poke Your Mom

The title refers to the Pokemon Go! phenomenon. I have recently returned from a holiday in a lovely city where my companion played this game all the time and there were even moving adverts about it. On this holiday, to a place I’d been before, I also missed my Mother in a profound and absolute way. So ‘Poke Your Mom’.

A short update – I returned from Holiday to a pile of letters:

  1. My current level of ESA (£73 p/w) has been confirmed.
  2. My WCA, scheduled for September 8th, has been cancelled and not rescheduled.
  3. I have a Pain Management appointment at Charing Cross in November.
  4. I have a Psychiatric Assessment late in September.
  5. My GP still has not written me a letter, even though my Dad was set on him: this is because the guide letter I wrote (3700 words) was very long. My GP will write such a detailed letter, but it will cost £45. My Dad is willing to pay that as long as the letter is ‘what I want’ – I must think about this.
  6. I’m covered in my first Mosquito bites, my friend saved me from a Hornet and I broke the toilet in the place we stayed. Oh, and I broke out in boils.

I think 1 & 2 are the result of the final thing I did before my holiday: I finally sent in my ESA50 form. With it was a copy of the 3700 letter. The night before my early morning flight I filled in my form (having written drafts etc and followed the advice of the CAPE advisor and also the website ‘Benefits and Work’. I don’t know if any of the extra help, advice and reading will actually do any good, but at least I will know that I did all I could.

I have to go and sleep now. I’ve over done it royally, and I must rest.

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