Limp like a Kangaroo

This is just an Info Blog, a share of information.


I used to have horrible old school crutches and they f*cked my back and shoulders up. Then I saw a video of futuristic ones and shared it on an EDS group:

The group responded by telling me of Smart Crutches and Flexy Foot crutch and stick bottoms (ferrules?), which you can put together for a fraction of the price of the magic sticks above. Apparently the Flexy Foot size you need for a Smart Crutch is 22mm (2.2cm) – thank you Genesta James for the information.

Smart Crutches:


Smart Crutches seem to be popular in the EDS community – it’s a good thing to know, and if I’m ever back on the bastards I’ll invest in some.

Share the information if you think it useful.


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