Rather than ‘Update’. I like the word ‘Quack’.

  1. Most Recent Thing: last week I sent a copy of the supportive letter sent me by my Mental Health Nurse to Health Assessment Advisory Service, Wembley Centre of Health and Disability Assessments. Today it came back. I’ve checked the address and I used a 1st Class stamp. I was returned without a postman’s note or similar: bottoms of arse 026.jpgI covered my details with a pack of Crayola. I’m going to send it again… everything else I’ve sent has been addressed thus, and it’s been fine.
  2. The Gout Strikes Back: Dad has Gout again. For too long he’s been living off of ham and oven-ready pies. Neither of which are good for Gout. When I have any energy, the food situation in this house is going to change. Chicken will be re-introduced. Vegetables other than carrots will be eaten. Salad will appear. I’ve not been eating. I don’t know if it’s stress or if I’m actually sick. I’m not considering this properly until after Thursday and my WCA.
  3. Tubi-grip returns! I’ve not worn a wrist support for a long time, but now I’m back in the Tubi-grip. My right wrist and arm have been sore for a week, but I kept forgetting to put the damn thing on. Now it’s on and it’s staying until it feel ‘ok’ again.
  4. Poop: I managed to shit Everest. I had to risk a Bisacodyl, and I didn’t leave the house, but it happened. Yes, it needed help, and that was made nasty by my being on my Period. I was not wearing a Tubi-grip while wiping. I’m hoping more will happen today, as I took another pill last night. I’m hoping that it won’t be a forceps birth.
  5. Dirty Protest: I am unclean. I’m not going to lie. I never have been a ‘shower every day’ person. I was a ‘bath-a-week’ kid, washing in the kitchen sink for school, and I was a stinky teen, but as an exhausted, physically sore adult, I tried my best because of work and social pressures: I don’t volunteer or attend a class or appointment when nasty. But since now this means I’m clean about once a week, I am going to reflect this reality at my WCA. I do go out into public, unwashed. I only have 3 bras, so I will wear one 2 days, I wear clean pants and tights or socks but I will not be washed. I will ‘Teen Boy’ – spray myself with deodorant etc. but physical washing will not occur. Washing exhausts me in a way nothing else does. It’s very odd. Showering is tiring and I’ve not been in a bath for 10 years. But at the moment, my lack of ‘clean’ is WCA related. I have my medical on Thursday, and while I will be clean between then (I have an class) my clothes won’t be.

Other stuff has happened, but I can’t remember. My periods are causing some serious pain and feeling faint, and I’m having weird dreams, but I think this is all stress related to Maximus etc. My knees, ankles and shoulders are all hurting, but again, I’m going to wait until Thursday is over before addressing it.


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