Volcano or Not

Another Quackdate, because it’s all I’m capable of at the moment.

My WCA has been cancelled. Again. I admit, I have had to change the dates of my WCA, so that my Advocate could make it. But I’ve always done so ASAP. I was called on Monday to be told my WCA on Thursday might be cancelled because my file had not made it to Ealing. I was told this would be confirmed on Tuesday. It was not. They did call me, but I was unable to answer, so they left a message telling me to call them before I went to my WCA. They spoke to my Dad and told him it was cancelled, but that that was not official? So I called this morning, having not been to sleep for 24 hrs.It is cancelled, they will send me a new appointment. The lady I spoke too could not tell me anything about how to make sure I could change my appointment if I needed to – because of my Advocate. You see, I, as the random human, am not allowed to alter my Maximus – Government appointment, more than once. Maximus/Government can change my appointment many times, they can fail to get to my paperwork, they can lose my documents and they can humiliate me at Medical Examinations, but I can only change my Appointment once. I can organise transport, advocates and paperwork for a specific date, and Maximus/Government can sweep that away with their incompetence, and I won’t get another chance to organise again. I won’t get another chance to get prepared.

So I’m waiting for another appointment. After calling Maximus/Government, I phoned Ealing Mental Health to tell my Mental Health Nurse that our meeting on Thursday was cancelled. She is off sick, so I had to leave a message – I really hope she gets it and doesn’t turn up to meet me. I don’t want her to have a bad opinion of me, because I’m going to need her support. Why? Well, apart from the fact that I am a mentally unwell, currently quite vulnerable person, I will need to have her come to my next WCA. I will need her to change something in her life for me. Two weeks ago, I had 2 advocates – Ann at MIND and Anita the Nurse. This week Ann told me that MIND are no longer able to support Benefits Claimants. I don’t know why, she didn’t really know why. Her boss has told her her ‘role has changed’ and she cannot go to WCA’s with people like me. And more importantly, more desperate and needy than I am. It may be lack of resources, or it may be Political. I do not know. So I lost my First Advocate, a person I’ve known for 6 years. I really don’t need to lose another one. You see, I was just Lucky that Anita was available to help me. I told her the date and she said she’d come. What is the likelihood of her being available again? A busy nurse.

So I’m a bit Fucked really. And not in a sexy way. I’m flat and exhausted and very close to the edge. I’m going to listen to a new audio-book. Nowt radical, just Gaskell’s ‘North & South’, which is safe and has a love story.



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