Quackdate The Third

I think this is the Third Quackdate.

As you may remember, yesterday I got my new WCA date: October 28th, a Friday. Well today I spoke to Anita, my Mental Health Nurse. She was meant to go with me on Sept. 29th but when that was cancelled she, quite naturally, couldn’t promise to come with me when the new time came through – we made an appointment for me to see her on 19th October – for her to see how I am mentally. It’s true, I’ve been mentally fragile, mainly due to WCA but also just due to life. Today’s call ended positively: we cancelled the appointment for the 19th – because Anita can come with me on the 28th! Phew. Just BIG phew!

I had expected this news to help with the HEADACHE OF DOOOOOM I’ve had since the weekend, and which had me stuck in bed yesterday and filling myself with pills. But it’s not. The ache is still there. Coffee has calmed it, but it’s still there. I still feel terrible.


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