More DWP Crap

Saturday I opened up a DWP letter dated October 4th, telling me I needed another Fit-Note because mine is running out on October 11th. So on the 8th I get a letter telling me I have to get a Fit-Note to the DWP in either Dublin or Glasgow on the 11th, when the next day I can get to the GP is the 10th.

But this is not the point. The point is my Fit-Note doesn’t run out until November. After I got tripped up last time, I wrote the date the Fit-Note ran out on the calendar, and 7 days before made a note that I had to get to the GP to get a new one. I also ferreted out the photocopy I made of the Fit-Note so I could check.

It could be a data entry mistake on the part of the DWP. Recently, though none of my details have ever changed – even my mobile has been the same since the 1990’s – they’ve been getting stuff wrong. This could be part of it. Or it could be part of what they do. When you’re getting a different letter a week from them, when you’re WCA has been changed as much as I have, you do start to get twitchy about these things. Well, I’ve started to get twitchy.

I am, understandably annoyed, but I’m also tired. Really tired. Physically and mentally. I have constant headaches and body ache. I’ve slept the whole weekend, my eyes hurt and I seem to be constantly hungry, which I don’t like. It seems I’ve felt like this forever.

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