Hot Water Bottle Wattle?

Ah! Where to begin? Do I give you the good news, or do I bimble around and then thwap it at the bottom? Perhaps I’ll just weave it in.

Fuck it, it’s too cold here (London) to fuck about. I got my ESA confirmed by letter today. They’ve put me in the Support Group – which is very unexpected. I’ve got a cold/migraine/something going on, so I’ve been in bed for 2 days with 4 duvets and a hot water bottle. I missed my lecture last week and my calligraphy class today and I’ve just shat through the eye of a needle. I feel terrible, though relieved. I’ve got a Pain Management appointment tomorrow and to be honest I just want to sleep. I’m going to take some Immodium, make a cup of tea, put some Vicks Vaporub on my forehead and go back to bed.

I’ll write more of the implications of getting my ESA when it doesn’t feel like my head is bursting with the Marshmallow Of Pain.

Oh, I can recommend seeing the very bad/good 1994 film ‘Funny Man’ with Christopher Lee: it’s terrible and good at the same time. If you need to veg, it’s a good veg movie. The budget was £50,000:



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