That sinking feeling…

Tonsillitis. Every year, bar one* I get this. I develop big pus filled blobs on my tonsils and throat and I feel utterly terrible. Now, I’ve been sick quite a lot. The worst pain I’ve ever had was Pancreatitis, which was also the most scary illness because the bouts of chest crushing pain came on without warning – the first on a tube train where I ended up in the foetal position on the platform of Notting Hill Gate Station being tended by an amazing member of TFL Staff and a Polish Doctor passenger who just so happened to have his passport to prove he was a Doctor (TFL staff cannot allow anyone without ID to tend to someone on their watch – hence my joy at the Passport). I get regular migraines, have chronic spinal pain, pop-up sciatica… you know. But the Tonsillitis is one thing I dread. I hate the conventional elements of illness – temperature, stuffy head, that sinking feeling, sore, swollen sinuses, and with Tonsillitis, the throat and neck pain. My 1989 bout developed into Quinsy** which was bollox and turned me from a Soprano to a Tenor (shit ye not).

I woke today with the throat ache, and all day the Tonsil bastard has been developing. Currently my head hurts, my eyes are sticky and my tongue is getting stuck when I swallow. I’m sure my breath reeks and I’ll have some delightful Tonsiliths in the next days. This is going to be with me for 10 days, and against current NHS advice, I will have to go to my GP because my immune system is shit and I’ll have to get Erythromycin (because my last bout of Pancreatitis made me allergic to Penicillin). Also it’s the one illness I refuse to be stuck with. I am a giant baby when it comes to this. I don’t want the fever, sweats, weightloss etc. that come with it. I don’t want the sore throat, ears and eyes.

All Hail the Giant Baby.

* 1989


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