Paying the price for previous impatience

I’ve never had a ‘Fever Blister’ before: a sore in your nose. They’re related to Coldsores and Herpes Simplex etc. etc. This is a sign of how very ‘run down’ I am. From Saturday night until today, I had no voice, and a lot of ‘Green Gilberts’* – luminous green mucus. Oh, and Fevers with weird visual disturbances.  My Dad has wanted to take me to the GP – which means he’s worried. But I have to explain – there’s nothing the GP can do. I just have to fight it. It’s not an Anti-Biotic thing. Theoretically. This isn’t exactly true – every year I’ve had this (which is every year since 1989 excluding 2002 and 2015) I’ve had anti-biotics because I’ve had a severe pus creating infection in my throat. But not this year. Since 2012 I’ve been allergic to Penicillin. Now, if I need Anti-Biotics I have to take Erythromycin, which makes me feel really sick. It takes longer and wrecks my digestion. I’m not going to take that stuff just for a shitty throat and a lot of phlegm. I’m just going to have to be sick and get through it. So far it’s only been 3 days in bed with sweats. But it’s annoying my Dad.

I’m coughing. I’m hunched. I’m visually mimicking my Mum when she got sick. So my Dad is finding it difficult. I’m not finding it thrilling: I missed the last class of calligraphy, I’ll more than likely miss the last lecture in a series I’ve been attending. I smell terrible (too weak to wash), my hair could be used to source cooking oil and I’m sleeping a lot. Properly sleeping. Nodding at the computer. But I’ve finally eaten. Fried potatoes and bacon. And a sticky toffee pudding and cream.

My Name is Sarah Bowerman and I have a Sticky Toffee Pudding Problem.

Oh, the title refers to my taking many, many anti-biotics in the past in a bid to get better quicker. Now I’m taking it slow without them. I’ve got a crappy immune system – when I get hit by a bug, I drop. I might stop having a temperature by the end of the week, but I’ll be dragging my ass around until the end of December. However, it’s got to be. And it can be quite fun seeing things like this: louis-wain.jpg

A Louis Wain psychedelic cat. Wain was amazing and lived in an asylum.

And also the fevers reduce the pain in my body. I don’t know why, never have: I know I’m getting better when I start to hurt again.

*’Green Gilberts and Black Ernies’ – the family name for types of snot.

More about Louis Wain: – exhibition of his work currently on show just outside of London:

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