Add another one to the list

A full report regarding my Asperger’s diagnosis came from the Maudsley. It contained a new nugget: I have ADHD.

Now this was a surprise. I knew I was being tested for it, but I’m so sedate I didn’t think anything would come of it…

…. but it has.

People have recently asked me how the Asperger’s diagnosis has impacted on me. I have said ‘Not at all’ which is true. But the ADHD diagnosis has. I feel relieved. I’ve always had certain problems that I really thought were me just being a dick. I can’t concentrate for long, but I can, sometimes. I pfaff around before settling to do things. I have to have audiobooks or DVD’s on in the background – of things I’m really familiar with – in order to get things done. I don’t function in silence. I have developed lots of coping strategies for my irratic behaviour – my inability to do things that are important until the last minute – and I know people have thought I was a jerk or a poseur for these strategies. But now I know I wasn’t taking the piss – I really needed to do those things. I still do. My ADHD diagnosis has confirmed I must put something on in the background before I start a project for the project to get done. Something I’ve been doing for over 20 years and apologising for. But now I won’t apologise – I’ll insist.


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